Adair County Health Assessment Survey
Shaylee Hagar
Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Cherokee Nation Public Health, in partnership with the Lynn Institute for Healthcare Research, is developing a health assessment of Adair County.  Our goal with this study is to create a forum by which to both improve the life expectancy of Adair County residents but to do so in such a way as to communicate the current conditions and begin development and implementation of a plan to improve the lifestyle quality of Adair County. Cherokee Nation Public Health officials have identified you as a potential interview participant because of your knowledge of Adair County communities. Your participation is a contribution to identifying real solutions to local health issues and ultimately improving the quality of life for all Adair County residents. 

If you are willing to participate, and we hope you do, please click the link below to access the 10 minute confidential survey. Thank you for your commitment to improving the health of the Cherokee Nation and all Oklahomans.