Cherokee Nation JOM Art Winners!
Amanda Harrington

Congratulations!!! the following students for placing in the JOM poster contest! 

Cherokee Nation JOM will host an event in April for the winners.  I will send a letter home with the students as soon as I am notified of the event.  

Great Job Students!!!


Bradley Shell - 1st place (Marker)

Chasen Vann - 2nd place (Marker)

Skylen Sanchez - 3rd place (Marker)

1st and 2nd Grade

Kason Soap - 1st place (Pencil)

Kyden Billy - 2nd place (Pencil)

Carter Paden - 3rd place (Pencil)

Brady Miller - 1st place (Marker)

Ethan Cox - 2nd place (Marker)

Madalyn Longshore - 3rd place (Marker) 

Cambri Soap - 1st place (Colored Pencil)

Alycia Guevara - 3rd place (Colored Pencil)

Zoe Bryant - 1st place (Watercolor)

Brysin Cheromiah - 2nd place (Watercolor)

Keyityah Nofire - 3rd place (Watercolor)

Kawaya Scott - 1st place (Acrylic)

Tyren Cochran - 2nd place (Acrylic)

Lindsey Vann - 3rd place (Acrylic)

3rd and 4th Grades

Lawson Wells - 1st place (Pencil)

Jaselyn Chastain - 3rd place (Pencil)

Syda Kent - 1st place (Marker)

Tylee Ford - 2nd place (Marker)

Annabell Burris - 3rd place (Marker)

Tela Dry - 1st place (Watercolor)

Marley Johnson - 3rd place (Watercolor)

Emma Coombes - 1st place (Colored Pencil)

Keaton Snell - 1st place (Colored Pencil)

Jordan Vann - 3rd place (Colored Pencil)

Brandy Alexander - 2nd place (Acrylic)

Avann Harrington - 3rd place (Acrylic)

5th and 6th Grade

Brycee Thomas - 1st place (Marker)

Lakota Sam - 3rd place (Marker)

Jelaina Lucas - 2nd place (Colored Pencil)

Andraya Ford - 3rd place (Colored Pencil)

Alexandra Brown - 1st place (Watercolor)

Karissa Bunch - 3rd place (Acrylic)

7th and 8th Grade

Aidan Bearpaw- 1st place (Pencil)

Aidan Bearpaw - 3rd place (Colored Pencil)

Laquisha Wolf - 2nd place (Marker)

Kaylee Joseph - 3rd place (Marker)

Brooklyn Cheromiah - 3rd place (Watercolor)

Ella Mounce - 1st place (Mixed Media)

Laquisha Wolf - 2nd place (Mixed Media)

Lexi Muskrat - 3rd place (Mixed Media)