Cherokee Nation JOM Art Winners!
Amanda Harrington
Monday, January 29 2018

Congratulations!!! the following students for placing in the JOM poster contest! 

Cherokee Nation JOM will host an event in April for the winners.  I will send a letter home with the students as soon as I am notified of the event.  

Great Job Students!!!


Bradley Shell - 1st place (Marker)

Chasen Vann - 2nd place (Marker)

Skylen Sanchez - 3rd place (Marker)

1st and 2nd Grade

Kason Soap - 1st place (Pencil)

Kyden Billy - 2nd place (Pencil)

Carter Paden - 3rd place (Pencil)

Brady Miller - 1st place (Marker)

Ethan Cox - 2nd place (Marker)

Madalyn Longshore - 3rd place (Marker) 

Cambri Soap - 1st place (Colored Pencil)

Alycia Guevara - 3rd place (Colored Pencil)

Zoe Bryant - 1st place (Watercolor)

Brysin Cheromiah - 2nd place (Watercolor)

Keyityah Nofire - 3rd place (Watercolor)

Kawaya Scott - 1st place (Acrylic)

Tyren Cochran - 2nd place (Acrylic)

Lindsey Vann - 3rd place (Acrylic)

3rd and 4th Grades

Lawson Wells - 1st place (Pencil)

Jaselyn Chastain - 3rd place (Pencil)

Syda Kent - 1st place (Marker)

Tylee Ford - 2nd place (Marker)

Annabell Burris - 3rd place (Marker)

Tela Dry - 1st place (Watercolor)

Marley Johnson - 3rd place (Watercolor)

Emma Coombes - 1st place (Colored Pencil)

Keaton Snell - 1st place (Colored Pencil)

Jordan Vann - 3rd place (Colored Pencil)

Brandy Alexander - 2nd place (Acrylic)

Avann Harrington - 3rd place (Acrylic)

5th and 6th Grade

Brycee Thomas - 1st place (Marker)

Lakota Sam - 3rd place (Marker)

Jelaina Lucas - 2nd place (Colored Pencil)

Andraya Ford - 3rd place (Colored Pencil)

Alexandra Brown - 1st place (Watercolor)

Karissa Bunch - 3rd place (Acrylic)

7th and 8th Grade

Aidan Bearpaw- 1st place (Pencil)

Aidan Bearpaw - 3rd place (Colored Pencil)

Laquisha Wolf - 2nd place (Marker)

Kaylee Joseph - 3rd place (Marker)

Brooklyn Cheromiah - 3rd place (Watercolor)

Ella Mounce - 1st place (Mixed Media)

Laquisha Wolf - 2nd place (Mixed Media)

Lexi Muskrat - 3rd place (Mixed Media)