The Reaping

The Reaping in the Hunger Games is a punishment leveled on the people of Panem. It is an annual occurence that takes their children away. Each year there is a drawing in each of the 12 districts for one boy and girl between the ages of 12-18. These children will be taken back to the Capitol to fight to the death on national TV. 

The Reaping is extremely unfair to the poor. At the age of 12 your name goes into the drawing once. If your family is barely surviving, you can take out tesserae for each member of your family. At the age of 12 Katniss would have taken out three tessrae for her mother, sister and herself. The first year she would have had her name in the drawing a total of four times. It is cumulative, each year her number would multiply.

We had our own Reaping to show how unfair it could actually be. First we drew to see who be a merchant child and who would be a poor child. There are 18 students in my class. There were only 3 merchant papers in the drawing the rest would be poor children. I asked the merchant children their age to determine the number of times there name would be in the drawing. As for the 15 poor children, I asked their age and how many people live in their household. I used this to determine how many times their names would be in the drawing. The most had 21. We drew four names.


The Tributes


Peyton, Meisha, Kylee and Ericka

District 3, District 4, District 7 and District 10

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