September 30, 2019

Dear Parent, 

We are excited to introduce the EDPlan Connect parent portal.  The parent portal will allow you to virtually access your child’s IEP or 504 Plan documents, service information, and teacher of record information.  
The attached documents provide information and instructions for accessing the parent portal.

• Parent Guide for Using EDPlan Connect
• EDPlan Connect Quick Start 

In order to access EDPlan Connect, we will need an active email address for you in our records.  If we have an active email address in our records, you will receive an email notification after a document was created for your child.  The email notification will include a link to EDPlan Connect.  If we do not have an active email address for you, please contact Monica Dandridge at 918-696-2285, ext. 2036.


Monica Dandridge

Special Services Director/School Psychologist
Maryetta Public School
918-696-2285, ext. 2036